Darcy Smith Ph.D.



As a dedicated social worker and community outreach specialist, my 12+ years of experience encompasses the spectrum of social services, from providing educational programs and clinical services to directing agencies administratively and clinically. Since receiving my Master's Degree in Science from Columbia University in 1996, I have held leadership positions in each of my professional roles and have set and met higher standards for my professional development than were ever set forth by my many supervisors.

Upon receiving my MSW, I was hired as Clinical Treatment Coordinator of Adolescent Outpatient Services at Charter Behavioral Health System of New Jersey (formerly Fair Oaks Hospital). There, I revamped a failing partial hospitalization program and expanded outpatient programming to include intensive outpatient programs with both psychiatric and substance abuse tracks, which I directed administratively and clinically. Additionally, I authored patient handbooks and marketing materials, and resurrected an internship program which allowed me to staff my growing department without expanding the hospital budget.

Two years into my career, I became Executive Director of Alternatives Adolescent Counseling Center, where I was responsible for the oversight, case coordination, policy-setting, directing and mentoring performance of up to twelve employees. In addition to these administrative duties, I facilitated clinical supervision for all employees, ran additional supervisory sessions for all agency interns, oversaw all clinical programs and maintained a caseload of twenty-five individual clients. During an economic downturn I helped found and lead a not-for-profit foundation which secured funding necessary to maintain operations, ensuring that this community mental health center would continue to provide clinical services to the underprivileged.

After five years in the field, I applied to the Ph.D. program at New York University's School of Social Work. I was accepted into the program and was later granted special dispensation to begin work on my dissertation prior to the completion of my program examination. Additionally, during my tenure at NYU, I received weekly clinical supervision from Dr. Jeffrey Seinfeld who, I am honored to say, continues to mentor me to this day.